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ISCIR: Periodic revisions for heating
Design: preparation of projects for heating and electrical household appliances and industrial automation.
Assembly of thermal equipment: , automation, integration of thermal power plants in general plant.

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We collaborate with many companies working in the field of thermal energy to provide our customers high quality complex products such as asphalt stations, grain dryers, bitumen stations, metallurgical furnaces, green plants, incinerators, heating boilers. Our suppliers are well-known comp...Read more

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The Company is based in Cluj-Napoca, Teleorman Street, No. 33, Postal Code 400573, Romania andcan be contacted by phone at +40 264-446374 or +40 744506840, fax +40 264-446374Contac...Read more

About Us

      The company S.C. SOREVA S.R.L. from Cluj-Napoca has been working in the field of thermal equipments, for 20 years . We are specialized in the production of boilers, burners, heat exchangers, tanks, automation, spare parts and other heating equipments. We also sell imported boilers, burners, parts, burner controls, flame detectors etc. Our modular products can be designed and assembled according to our customers needs and budget.
      Our company performs works of modernization, repair, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
      We provide high quality for our products and services, professionalism and flexibility at a very good price/quality ratio.

Our products can be used for:

  • asphalt plants, bitumen stations, oil or other fuel stations;
  • processes: dairies, vinegar, textiles, bakeries;
  • households: villas, institutions, residential areas, hotels, schools, greenhouses, etc.;
  • drying of grain, seeds, special materials;
  • metallurgical furnaces, heat treatment, foundry;
  • green plants, incinerators, waste burning;
  • completing and rehabilitation of complex installations with high heating parameters; 

       SC SOREVA SRL offers the following products:

  • Burners for boilers, industrial outbreaks, furnaces:

         - Automatic monobloc burners gas, liquid, multi-fuel;
         - Rotating burning liquid fuels (heavy oil, oil);

  • Combustion installations with continuous control, automated
  • Spare parts and components:
       - injectors
       - heaters
       - electropomps
       - gas or liquid  sections
       - Automation boxes

In recent years we have transferred burners in asphalt stations from natural gas to light liquid fuels or heavy oil that are more efficient considering gas shortages.

About Us

      The company S.C. SOREVA S.R.L. from Cluj-Napoca has been working in the field of thermal equipments...Read more


The brands sold by SC SOREVA SRL belong to well-known international compani...Read more


Heating Applications:Burners and boilers are used to satisfy the needs for heating and hot water for...Read more