AMAG L 315 800

AMAG L 315-800 kWNominal thermal power 630kW;Thermal power min / max 315/800 kWF...Read more

AMAG L 1600

Nominal thermal power 1600kW;Thermal power min / max 400/900 kW;Nominal feeding ...Read more

AMAG L 3150

Nominal thermal power 3150kW;Thermal power min / max 950/3600kW;Nominal feeding ...Read more

AMAG L 4000

Nominal thermal power 4000 kW;Thermal power min / max 4000/4500 kW;Nominal feedi...Read more

AMAG L 8000

Nominal thermal power 8000 kW;Thermal power min / max 2400/9200 kW;Nominal feedi...Read more

AMAG L 12500

Nominal thermal power 12,500 kW;Thermal power min / max 4000/14000 kW;Nominal fe...Read more

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      The company S.C. SOREVA S.R.L. from Cluj-Napoca has been working in the field of thermal equipments...Read more


The brands sold by SC SOREVA SRL belong to well-known international companies in...Read more


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