Heating Applications:Burners and boilers are used to satisfy the needs for heating and hot water for domestic users (houses, institutions, residential areas , hotels, schools, greenhouses, etc), for commercial and industrial users.
Applications in agriculture:greenhouses, drying for various heating requirements: burners for hot air generators , grain dryers and ovens. Applications can be personaizate according to specific customer needs .
Applications for wood industry, pellets and other fuels:we supply boilers to run on gas/wood or pellets. We also deliver dual burners to run on gas and light oil. Boilers and burners can be designed to serve the specific needs of the client.
Applications in metallurgy:Burners for paint and varnish factories , furnaces for melting and manufacturing of metal products
Applications for the food industry:we supply burners for ovens for baking bread and pasta, processes in dairies, beer etc.
Applications for asphalt stations and constructions:concrete asphalt , bitumen households , oil, fuel stations. The burners are used for the asphalt and bitumen production etc. Our applications supply heat for the technological processes .
Applications in textile, ceramic industry:textile mills require steam for cleaning, ironing, drying of fabrics and fibers. Glass and ceramic factories require special burners for melting processes, mixing, drying.
Applications for incinerators:we supply burners for waste incineration of various types: from vegetable waste to animal waste .
Petrochemical industry applications:steam generators for mining etc. .
Applications for modernization :we upgrade the equipment in the factories with new burners, boilers and automation which are more effective and safer and emit fewer pollutants .

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Heating Applications:Burners and boilers are used to satisfy the needs for heating and hot water for...Read more